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Richland  Mold Inspection

Mold Air and Swab Analysis

The best way to fight mold is to fight moisture. Health effects vary by mold type and personal sensitivity. If you wish to identify the type and hazard level we can take air and swab samples which will be reviewed by a PHD who specializes in mold spores.

Richland Mold Inspection Services

Why do you need a mold inspection?

Mold is unlike radon where we have set levels, they say four is the issue, if you hit four you need to make a correction. With molds, it’s either elevated or it’s not. We know this be doing an exterior test, or what you call a median test, and then an interior test. Mold can grow behind walls, it can grow in a lot of hidden areas. It gets into your air duct system and can spread throughout the house. If you are someone with immune deficiencies or are susceptible to high allergic reactions to mold, you need this test. Looking for red flags that could indicate hidden concerns is our main goal during home inspections.

It is a smart move to have this test especially if you or your family have allergies.

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Is mold a common problem in the Richland area?

Richland Mold Inspection:

Mold is a common problem pretty much anywhere.  Especially under certain conditions of the home, where it is hot, sticky and humid. The place is a breeding ground for all types of molds and allergens. So our area, to answer that question, yes we are very susceptible here. A lot of agents have this test because of their concerns, or they have allergy problems or what have you. I’ll just keep that short. Yes, we are a very highly mold promotional area just because of our normal conditions outside.

What is your mold inspection and how does it work?

Good question. Mold inspection is part of our home inspection, there’s no extra charge for that. Basically, it’s kind of like our termite inspection, which I’m sure we’ll talk about as well. It would be silly for us not to keep an eye out for either visible mold (or Biological Growth) that’s there, or the conditions that would be ripe to promote mold growth. When we see those kind of conditions we bring that to the clients attention and then it is our recommendation then that they would actually do a mold test or air test to make sure that there aren’t other contaminants beyond what we’re seeing. Call us today to schedule your Richland Mold Inspection. 509-521-9959

How much does a mold inspection generally cost?

Mold inspection is like radon testing, kind of run the gamut in our area. Again, we have franchises involved that charge, in my opinion, way too much. Then we have other folks that are questionable in their practices. I say that because, please understand that with mold there are no licenses, there are no requirements per se. A person could become certified, which is great, awesome, some certifications are better than others. Having someone nationally certified or one who has undergone training is great. Mold is not being regulated per se – like home inspections or termite or radon. So it’s important to make sure that you’re getting a person and experience is another thing that comes with it. Especially when it comes to the actual person doing the inspection. They can tie components of a home together to equal an equation that says this could be a red flag.

Especially with new trainees – it’s common for them to note these individual problems with different components, and then they leave it. It takes time to learn that, hey because the furnace has a condensate leak and when I’m in the crawl space I’ve got moisture on the sill plate foundation wall and that happens to be two stories down, but I’m still at the location where that condensation leak was, does this tie together.

It’s very important that you choose somebody that knows what they’re doing. We do include that with the home inspection, and we do it as a stand-alone service as well. The price with the home inspection with us runs $270 for a home up to 1000 Sq/ft which requires 3 sample be taken Then goes up about $90 every additional 1000 Sq/ft because of addtional sampling that is required for the size of the home. We keep that low again, because we’re doing it as we’re doing the home inspection anyway. You can start getting around the $200 mark. Call us today to schedule your Richland Mold Inspection. 509-521-9959

What are the health effects of mold?

There’s just so much documentation, if you do just a little research online you’ll see that health effects are across the board. I can tell you it really comes down to everyone’s individual personal immune system, if you will. There was a news story where this young boy was super, super allergic to peanut butter. His girlfriend unknowingly, maybe she did know, but she eats a peanut butter sandwich or whatever and lays a big kiss on this guy and almost killed him – because he was just so allergic.

My point is, everybody’s immune system is different. There are older folks that have lived in homes with mold for years, and never really seemed to have a problem. Yet you introduce a young couple, moves in and they’re much more susceptible and they get sick

So there are just a load of health problems. The Irish Potato Famine is another one, it goes on and on with what their tracing back to these molds and the illnesses that come. If you’re curious about that, to answer your question, it doesn’t take much. Try typing that question online and you’ll be overwhelmed with the available information.

If there is mold in the house, how do I get the mold fixed?

That’s an excellent question, because part of mold, the biggest part of solving a mold problem is finding out where the moisture is coming from. It requires, mold has three things, it has to have food, surface to live on, and water. So finding out where that moisture is coming from. Typically it’s a plumbing leak, it’s a foundation leak, it’s just humid, hot conditions. Crawl spaces not vented correctly, those things promote that mold growth. Fixing it, it’s very important, again, to find the right professionals to do this, people with experience. Because again, there’s no licensing for this. Find a company that does it right. For example, you have a company, like ours, come in and do the preliminary tests. Then you will have a report on the levels and the elevated types.

Just for the record here, our testing, when it comes back from the laboratory; we have a report that indicates the types; the health effects of each; and whether its elevated or not. That’s a great information to have for the mold remediation company, as they have different ways of attacking different types of mold, depending on its location. That preliminary test is critical because that’s going to give us a base to go off of. Then the remediation company should come in, and there are a ton of protocols that they have to follow to keep from spreading this mold to other places within the house. That seems to be the biggest mistake that I see over the years from remediation companies that really don’t know what they’re doing.

A lot of times when they come in to do mold remedial, they disturb it. It will intensify and we end up with mold in other places in the house. Again, it’s important you find a professional. Once that company’s come in and they encapsulated, they’ve removed chemically, and then what they call sealing it, so that what remain can not come back. Because if you don’t get rid of mold, it’s a plant and it’s got a root system. So if you don’t get rid of that root system, you just get rid of the surface, wipe it off if you will, the first sign of humidity or moisture that it gets, it’s going to come right back. Have them properly remediate. Once done – have us, or a third party, not affiliated with the remediation company, come and do the final test.

If the test result comes back, and it’s not elevated, then we have success. It if it still elevated – hopefully, the company that you’ve hired to do the remediation is reputable enough, that they will stay with that job until they get it done. I have seen that go both ways. There are companies that are very dedicated and there are other companies that are not. These companies, they say, “We do what we can do. If you want it done again, we start over. The price goes right back to where it was.” It’s important that you do a little research.

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