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Pool and Spa Inspections


The objective of our limited visual pool inspection is to determine if the pool and related equipment may benefit from a more thorough inspection by a qualified pool specialist. The scope of our inspection includes a limited visual inspection of the pool electrical system, primary circulation system, pool barrier system, the pool interior surface and surrounding deck. We do not dismantle components such as filters, pumps and heaters. We do not test water chemistry. We do not test or operate pool heaters, cleaning systems, control valves, chemical injectors or similar components.

Pool Barrier Requirements

One of the important services you can provide in a limited pool inspection is reporting on pool barrier deficiencies. In 2001-2002, drowning was the second leading cause of all injury deaths in children aged 1-14 years. Pool barriers save lives. Pool barriers prevent injuries. That’s why pool barrier requirements are covered in the International Residential Code (IRC2003) Section AG105. These requirements may also apply to spas and even water features greater than a certain depth (18 inches in some jurisdictions). State and local governments may have different regulations. Some require retrofitting existing pools. Even for a limited pool inspection, the home inspector must know all the applicable regulations in his or her area.

Basic pool barrier requirements include the following:

  • a fence at least 60(ideally 72) inches tall with no horizontal bars or other components that would allow a child to climb the fence;
  • self-closing and self-latching gates with latches at least 54 inches above grade;
  • self-closing and self-latching doors for all doors from living areas that provide access to the pool with locks at least 54 inches above the floor;
  • locks at least 54 inches above the floor on all windows from living areas that provide access to the pool. Heights are usually measured on the side of the barrier away from the pool.
  • a pool cover may substitute for other barriers if the cover is motorized and approved by local authorities
  • All opening window and doors are recommended to have a alarm system for opening notification

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