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Sewer Scope

Whats happening with your underground pipes?

A sewer scope can give you a clue!

We recommend a sewer scope on every home over 25 years old.

The Tri-cities area offers many homes that are beautiful and unique such as the Alphabet homes in North Richland that were build during the cold war. That same history and uniqueness, however, may produce some uncertainties concerning the current state of the sewer lines. Most older homes in the North Richland area have Orangeburg piping for example.  A Sewer Scope provided by our team of dedicated inspectors can help address those concerns.

All homeowners are responsible for the sewer lines that run from their house to the street. Owning a new or an older home sewer line repairs can add up to thousands of dollars, and buyers may consider requesting these be addressed by the seller prior to the purchase of the home they are considering. As a result, knowing the current condition of the sewer line may be a helpful tool when negotiating the purchase of your home.

During a Sewer Scope, our inspectors use a fiber optic camera to enter the sewer line, check the condition of the pipes, and identify any deficiencies in the line and a video of what was found. The  video can be used to establish what repairs need to be made and may also be helpful to a licensed sewer/plumbing contractor when the time comes to locate and correct any issue.

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